Long Beach City College had the opportunity to be part of Dr. Nooshin Valizadeh’s Intersectionality Series training - Equity-minded Inclusion & Celebration: Curriculum and Beyond. This interactive module focused on equity-mindedness and intersectionality theory as a framework for solidarity and alliance building at LBCC. It was truly an informative and insightful look into not only the concepts of racism and inequities but also focused on how intersectional approaches can be implemented in terms of equity-mindedness in language, interactions, curriculum, collaboration, communication, student engagement, and transformation at institutions of higher education. I appreciated the dialogue and the creation of a safe space to share information and experiences. The concepts presented and discussed allowed for a more in-depth way of looking at challenges we face but also ways in which we can move beyond them. Truly a valuable session with many takeaways including application of the intersectionality prism to better understand the work we must continue to do at community colleges and beyond.

Meena Signhal, Ph.D.

Interim Dean - Language Arts & Communication

Long Beach City College